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Laptop boots and switches off under 15 seconds

Lap top goes off in seconds after turned on.screen ssys ba.

Laptop goes off automatically and not get started.

Laptop no display on boot then turns off 20 seconds later.

Laptop powers up then after a few seconds powers off

Laptop display on /off automatically without showing anythin.

Laptop shuts off after 40 seconds of not being plugged in.

Laptop starts up then shuts down

Laptop shuts instantly when powered on

Laptop Shutdowns few seconds after startup

Laptop doesn't turn on just has a faint light and clicks off.

Laptop starts and HP logo appears for 5 seconds then screen .

Laptop keeps turning off when turned on?

Laptop turns off and then restarts seconds later

Laptop tries to turn on but fails then repeats by itself

Laptop shuts off seconds after I press the power button

laptop turns off and on repeatedly

Laptop turns off after 30 seconds . Until then black scree.

Laptop turns on then off straight away

Latitude E7240 turns off instantly when i turn on

Lenovo G505s with battery cuts off after 3sec

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