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Lap top not working even the battery is fully charged


Laptop Charger Plugged In But Not Charging

Laptop battery charging issue

laptop dell latitude E6230 battery problem

Laptop "plugged in

Laptop Battery Wont Charge

Laptop charger plugged in

Laptop is plugged in

Lap top battery won't charge

Laptop died suddenly now its not opening nor charging

Laptop Dell 5559 : Plugged in

laptop not recognising its plugged in

laptop monitor switching off on connecting charger

Laptop not get charging

Laptop runs much better/faster when PLUGGED IN

Laptop plugged in and charging

Laptop shuts down at 96% battery and "Plugged in

Laptop showing plugged in not charging

Laptop won't charge when plugged in

Laptop plugged in but not charging.

Lenovo 15 Edge Normal Battery Mode Plugged in NOT .

Latitude e5420 plugged in

Leaving a notebook while it is charging for a long time

lenovo n581 plugged in changing but never charge b.

Lenovo P50 charging problem

Lenovo Z51-70 Lagging while Gaming

Low FPS without charger in

Loud Buzzing from External Speakers

Low FPS when charger PLUGGED in

Low performance when plugged in

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